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Out of the many pictures shared by NASA regarding their Curiosity toy walking around on Mars searching for life or whatever they’re saying it’s searching for, one of the pictured released by them didn’t make sense, or better said their reasoning for the phenomenon shown in the picture didn't. Actually, it was highlighted by them as showing a rare (or rarely seen) phenomenon, called “opposition surge” (sometimes known as the opposition effect, opposition spike or Seeliger effect, according to

It’s quite simple. According to the same web site, opposition effect is the brightening of a rough surface, or an object with many particles, when illuminated from directly behind the observer. The term is most widely used in astronomy, where generally it refers to the sudden noticeable increase in the brightness of a celestial body such as a planet, moon, or comet as its phase angle of observation approaches zero. It is so named because the reflected light from the Moon and Mars appear significantly brighter than predicted when at astronomical opposition.

Anyway, this is what NASA claims happened to this picture. Opposition effect. So, it’s us looking at the picture from the relative position where the camera would have been, and in front of us the bright spot, of course, according to the definition, created by the source of light (Sun) situated just behind us.

Now, look at the many small craters on the Mars surface, and look at the shadows. What is the direction of Sun light considering the shadows? Where is the Sun actually situated to create these shadows? Yeap, in the right hand side, or maybe in the upper right hand side. It doesn’t matter. What  does matter is that the Sun is not behind us, or behind the camera that took the photo.

I don’t like conspiracy theories, or maybe I do a bit, but as long as clear answers are completely missing, I have this bad habit of believing what I’m seeing, and that’s it.

Still, is we are to consider a conspiracy, remember my words: There’s no Curiosity on Mars, we hardly made it to send something on Earth’ orbit. There’s no one and nothing searching for life on Mars. It’s just a nice story that can and will be used at a certain time to divert our attention from something really big that is planned, or it’s about to happen. When you’ll going to hear from NASA “We found life on Mars”, look for some other news, as something big will happen in parallel that needs a huge cover-up like … Life on Mars.

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